Tuesday, November 3, 2009

John Lennon was a Muslim

I have come across what could possibly be the most beautiful piece of music ever composed.
As we know, music is forbidden to Muslims (as is sports, laughter, dancing, art, television, schooling girls, etc... and pretty much anything other than banging your head on the floor while praising Allah 25 hours a day!)

However, just this once I can make an exception based on the beauty of the message contained in this song.

I have transcribed the lyrics for the video below, for any Muslim that would like to sing along.

Muslim's Imagine

Imagine there's no Christians,
Its easy if you try,
No Pope
No George Bush.
Infidels will die.

Imagine all the Muslims
Ruling all the world

Imagine there's no America
This isn't hard to do
No one to kill or blow up
and no Hebrew too

Imagine all the Muslims
Living life in peace?

I have issued this FATWA
and I am not the only one

By the sword you'll join us
and the world will live as one

Imagine no infidels
I'm sure it will be true
No kidnap no beheadings

Got rid of all the Jews
Imagine all the Muslims
Ruling all the world

I have issued this FATWA
but I'm not the only one
and by the sword you'll join us
and the world will live as one.

(..... oh what beautiful thoughts).


Ahmed said...

i love Islam
i love Muhammad
i love Jesus as a slave to Allah (God)

archcut said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy, I am a muslim and I find people like you very amusing. To sit at the comfort of your own home. Writing absolute nonsense, that has no meaning, to somehow make you feel better or make you think your making a change.

Making a change to what exactly. Make Islamic haters agree to your Islamic hating??? wow very productive.

I have noticed people like you are blindly arrogant and have no respect to an opinion from an Islamic person. which may have a very valid point. but to you obviously they chatting nonsense.

Well let me tell you. You are a minority, You are a nobody with no effect with your views. You will never make a change and will always wonder what the purpose of your life is. You have no purpose because you no clue.

You will die on your own and I know you probably don't care. but that's the truth. You are a small voice in a small world and my friend. The majority in this small world... is islam. like it or not but that's the truth.

I could carry on forever but I have better things to do as I have a purpose. My purpose is... bang my head on the ground... lol.. enjoy your life as long as it can last.

Anonymous said...

Please don't drag the name Allah , SWT, in your personnal amusement. Please.
Thank you.